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I’m Geoff. I’m the tech guy that runs the behind the scenes stuff at Are We Not Entertained. I am obsessed with Films, Music, and Books. Don’t ask me what my favorites are. I’m too indecisive for that. “You’ve got red on you.” I build websites! Visit today!

The Gadget Inspectors | Episode One

Geoff and David discuss the San Bernardino Apple Case & Encryption, and the current “King of Tech” on the first episode of Gadget Inspectors! Enjoy!

The BFG | Official Trailer

Release Date:  July 1st, 2016
Director:  Steven Spielberg
Cast:  Rebecca Hall, Mark Rylance, Bill Hader, Ruby Barnhill, Jemaine Clement
Landing this morning is the official BFG trailer from Disney, wh…

10 Cloverfield Lane: The Review

Author’s Note: There’s no real spoilers in this review, aside from character names and general story
The original Cloverfield, an “found footage” horror story introduced us to …

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