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I’m Paige, and I’m a writer and comedian based out of Chicago. I like writing about stuff pertaining to ladies. Just a Texas girl trying to find a decent Mexican food restaurant in the Midwest. Questions, suggestions, and hate mail can be directed to @okay_paige on Twitter.

Booze & The Bachelor: Week Two

OH WE BACK. And I could not be more excited to be in the house. Which house? THE house!! You know the one- the Bachelor mansion. This week- first dates, shirtless Ben, and a terrifying new villain! Oh…

Booze & The Bachelor: Week One

Welcome, children. Welcome to Booze and the Bachelor, the Internet’s Only (probably not) and Best (definitely) Bachelor recap/drinking game! After 20 seasons, I’ve decided to finally check…

Review: The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Minnie Goetz is all of us and none of us, thank God. Like any teenaged girl (or boy, or any person of any age, really) Minnie is longing for love, understanding, and to find herself. The Diary of a Te…

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