HBO’s Animals won’t be for everyone

HBO’s latest creation, Animals, is a a pretty far-out-there show, even for late night subscription TV.
I was initially excited, because who doesn’t l…

ben higgins
Booze & The Bachelor: Week Two

OH WE BACK. And I could not be more excited to be in the house. Which house? THE house!! You know the one- the Bachelor mansion. This week- first date…

The 2016 Golden Globe Winners

The Awards season took it’s first big step last night, plunging into this past year’s “best” in movies and television as voted…

josh top 10
AWNE’s 10 best shows of 2015

As I look through my top 10 list from last year, I am blown away by either 1. How much better this year has been or 2. Shocked that I left so many goo…

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